New Samsung app

Samsung has developed an app that makes sharing files much easier. Called Samsung Dropship, this software allows you to upload various files to the app and download them from different devices. It is possible to transfer files, including iOS and Web, by simply scanning the QR code.

Transfer files to any device with Samsung Dropship
The new feature, which Samsung has started to test in South Korea, makes it easier to transfer files through the application. Dropship application, which makes it possible to transfer files between all kinds of devices, allows 5 GB of data per day.

The application, which is open to test access through the Galaxy Store, is currently only available on devices with Android 13 and One UI 5 support in South Korea. However, the file loaded from the main device can be accessed from all operating systems with the help of QR code.

The new feature, which Samsung has started to test in South Korea, has a daily data limit of 5GB. Also completely free, Dropship does not require the buyer to have the app or a Samsung account.

Allowing file access via iPhone, web or any other Android device, this app generates a QR code for the recipient. Other devices can access the file by reading this code. However, let us remind you that the opposite process (for example, from iPhone to Samsung) is not possible for now.

Dropship is expected to be available in more countries in the coming days. It is also possible for Samsung to expand its data quota with its paid subscription service. Still, it’s unclear when the Dropship service will launch in more regions.